Brown Skin

I am Brown skin
Made of black diamonds,
Brown eyes
Made of molasses,
with Afro-hair.

My lips are full
Like the river Jordon
My breast is gulp luscious
Like over raised bread
My hips swing
To the beats of my African drums
My thighs are cut
Like Mount Everest.

I smell like a field of lavender
With a hint of sun-flowers
I taste like ripen mangoes
Maple syrup,
Hot fudge
And a sprinkle of skittles.

My spirit is rich,
Like the soil of Africa,
I am the descant of
Kings and Queens
From Imtop.
My soul is complicated
As the universe,
As flexible as Gabby,
As gentle as a turtle
And as Fragile as a newborn.

My strength
Isn’t in my beauty
Or between my thighs
It lies deep within
Like a sinkhole
Way beneath the earth’s surface,
My wisdom
Flows like waterfalls,
Never ending,
And my love
Is where it all begins.
I am brown skin.

Keisha Thompson


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