Born Again Virgin by Vanessa Sheppard

The following is an excerpt from a series The C Word. The C Word deals with a myriad of issues regarding celibacy. Celibacy is becoming more popular and prevalent in today’s society and with the backing of such celebrities as Ciara, Russell Wilson, and Meagan Good more people are interested in this presumably  non-titillating source. The turn towards celibacy for many may be diverse but the benefits in health cannot be denied: mental, physical, spiritual. Celebrities swears by celibacy to recharge their creative minds. Below is a conversation between two lovers Eric and his girlfriend of two years Denise.

Celibacy is just another vow, just another resolution, just another promise to yourself that may will be broken.  In this lifetime celibacy is practical but not realistic. -Eric (a character of The C Word)

“I don’t see the logic of that union.”

He pivoted sharply towards me.  I began to back away slowly.

“How could you not? Don’t you see that their union is stronger now by…” He interrupts me.

“There union is carried on a falsehoods and fairy tales…the strength that you’re speaking off is the built up aggression, frustration, and semen bonded together forming an arch over them that each one carries that weights heavier and heavier as time progress.”


“Their relationship is no more valid or romantic than ours Denise.”

“Not sure why you felt the need to speak on the validity of our relationship, no one is questioning that.”

“Yes you are…you see them as as pure as a Snow white, or Cinderella, or Ariel just like those characters are not real…their relationship isn’t real either.  They are on the verge of a mojo malfunction which is going to end in marriage, the death of their relationship or the death of their vowels of celibacy. They are completely ignoring their natural desires and instincts.”

“But I was just..”

“And I’m here to tell you now if they don’t have any desires for each other they don’t have no business being in this ‘agreement’ or partnership.”

Ugh. When he gets like this he never shuts up. His tangent made me reluctant to tell him what’s on my mind.  I want us grow closer without the distraction of sex in our way. I want us to be celibate.

“Denise have you heard anything I said?”

“Huh, yeah I have.”

“Those two got a lot of growing and learning to do…There is no way I’m going to subject myself to being in a relationship with someone I can’t even express my love to.”

“Hmmm let me find out you’re equating love with sex.”

“Ha! You know I’m not. I’m equating my love, my manhood, my bidnezz as a source that cannot be restricted.”

“Let me get this straight your desires take precedence over the relationship? You’re that selfish?”

He blankly stares at me.

“Wow, I never really took you for the selfish type.”

“You know I’m not selfish…I’m a giver…I’m a give it to you anyway you want it.”

He rolls up against me smiling; he rocks back and forth in a playful manner.


“C’mon D what’s wrong with you?”

“You have completely stripped their beautiful relationship down to matter of raging hormones.”

He laughs

“I’m done.”

“What’s going on come to bed and let papa work his magic on you.”

“I’m going home tonight.”

“You are?”

“Yeah I got lots of work to do tomorrow.”

“You sure it’s nothing I can help with?”

“No…I just need to wake up at my own house and get settled into my work.”

“Is this because of that relationship we saw on TV?”

“It’s because you’re an asshole Eric.”

I grabbed my overnight bag, went for my belongings, he stops me and places all of my soiled clothes in his hamper. I dropped my overnight bag and rushed to his door. I slammed it behind me hearing him screaming my name through his thick wooden door.

Midway home I realized. “Damn, I left my toothbrush.” I keep driving.  The four walls that encompass his bedroom mixed with his bravado are too much for me to handle.  I’m going to avoid him until I have the perfect moment to drop the C bomb on him.


The C Word




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