Why I Refuse to Argue with White People about Black Issues #ThisPostIsForBlackPeople

By Johnetta Anderson

“Unless a white person writes a check, I will not explain nothing. I’ve decided not to educate White people for free.” – Jason Carson Wilson

Every conversation about police brutality does not have to or (in some cases) should not include white people. There, I said it. I get that we have allies, and I also understand that there are white people who are empathetic to Black struggle; more power to them. However, there has recently been a plethora of white people asserting their privilege in conversations that does not include them. And every time they assert their white privilege into Black conversations, they always find a way to make themselves the center of the conversation or blame the victim for his or her murder. For example, after hearing the verdict of Sandra Bland, a Black woman murdered in police custody, I took to Facebook and posted,
“We might need to stop fighting like King and start a Nat Turner rebellion. We have more than one ancestor who taught how to fight back, ya know?‪#‎SandraBland

The minute I that posted the statement, I received comments from white “allies” arguing that the post was racist. Side note: the first thing we must understand when dealing with white america is their biggest fear is oppressed people oppressing white people. Most of them are convinced that we want to treat them the way they treated us during slavery, the Jim Crow era, and now… and many of us DO, but not enough of us want revenge badly enough for it to actually happen.

So, one white dude comments and says, “In the end it will not be this life that matters, ppl die every day without understanding of eternitiy [sic]. The last will be first.”

Do not be fooled by a scripture based perspective. The reason your oppressor is telling you to wait until the next lifetime to fight back is so that he can continue oppressing you now. You might be the Jesus you’re waiting for.

The next white guy took a different approach. Here is our exchange,

Him: When you say, “start a Nat Turner rebellion,” do you realize what you’re asking?

Me: I know Nat Turner’s story well.

Him: While I concede I do not know the whole of Nat Turner’s story, I have read bits and pieces here and there. In regards to the kind of rebellion he started, I would urge caution. Mind you, I don’t like cops much myself, but I’ve since come to the understanding that since I don’t know every single cop or judge, I cannot speak on all cops or judges. Now let me ask you this, how do you know with certainty that there aren’t white people being killed by cops in this country?

It was after this comment that I said something I’ve wanted to say for a long time to white people debating Black matters…

“This post is for Black people!”

Of course he asked more questions, but I refused to respond. The white men even attacked my inbox like vicious wildlife, trying to force me to answer their questions or to include them in this conversation. Here’s why I decided I did not have to debate Black affairs with white people:

  1. Black people are not obligated to answer to white people, or cuddle their white guilt.

When debating with white people about police brutality, the conversation you’re really having is, “Are Black people human enough for their murderers to be convicted?” The conversation is less about solutions and more about debating a Black person’s humanity/existence. I’ve found myself literally debating whether an innocent human should be murdered or not. We don’t debate that shit when Muslims murder white people. Nope, when that happens, the flags are hung half-staffed, and every Muslim in the world is branded a “terrorist.” But, when a white terrorist wearing a badge slaughters a Black man, woman, or child, there’s always a white person suffering from white guilt, asking questions to justify the person’s murder.

     2. I am already too busy debating my own people about police brutality.

We as Black people can be so ignorant, and afraid to think critically. I am too busy debating some Uncle Tom or incredibly ignorant Black person about protesters not marching for Black-on-Black crime. I have been apart of so many marches in Chicago combating Black-on-Black crime that I had to stop and rest a while. I am apart of a network that literally mentors thousands of youth in Chicago and abroad every single day. There is literally a group of mothers in Englewood sitting chairs on their lawns and protecting children as they go to school. After all of this, there is still some ignorant stay-at-home Facebook revolutionary who obtains his information from white media, bickering about Black-on-Black crime. Educating this idiot is exactly why I don’t have time to debate white people.

      3. Some conversations are for Black people to have with Black people even if it is in a public forum.

Waking up every morning to a Black child being murdered by an officer, or slung around a classroom, or beaten at pool parties by demonic white men with badges takes a toll. To see another Black man or woman innocently murdered, and their murderers are set free, is incredibly depressing. Sometimes we cry, dread going to school or work, question God, question the law, or yell until we feel human again. Often times, people like me take to social media and curse everything that is america. The biggest slap in the face is for a white person to comment on a post, shaming us for having the ability to feel. To question us about why we are angry with a man being killed after yelling, “I can’t breathe” and pleading for his life on video, is inhumane and the act of an uncivilized, savage beast! How dare you tell us about reverse racism when we’ve watched a child shot 16 times while his back was turned from the police? When we post those statuses about feeling powerless and wanting to revolt, we are not looking for your commentary, we are looking for 2 things:

  1. Enough people feeling the same way we do and are tired enough to want to risk everything.
  2. Someone to tell us that it’s going to be okay. Someone who looks like us and is able to find a solution that won’t result in a blood bath.

So, please do not comment and tell us that “all cops are not bad,” we don’t give a fuck about “all cops,” we want to see an indictment and no more innocent murders, so, just shut the fuck up and keep scrolling.

Bonus Reason: This section is for white protestors debating that we change the saying “Black Lives Matters” to “ALL Lives Matters”

We say Black Lives Matter because if we (white and Black people) are both in the streets protesting, and we both are sent to jail, you have a get-out-of-jail-free card. You also have a my-life-is-protected card, and my Black ass only have a Black card. People with Black cards are murdered and their families watch the murderers roam freely.

In closing, Black people should not continue to argue with white people about police brutality. The mere fact that you’re arguing about whether a human being’s life matters is ridiculous. Arguing with these people will only irritate you and make you lose more hope in humanity. We are already depressed with innocent children being murdered because of their skin, so why should we even entertain these debates? No one has time for white tears or white guilt. If they don’t know why an innocent human should not be killed, then trust and believe your 1000 comments will not convince them. Plus, we have so many ignorant Black people to educate and debate with (that’s if you just want to sharpen your debating skills). White privilege will always demand that white people are included in every conversation, and you have the ability to combat that privilege. Here is what you should say to that white FriEnemy trying to bait you into a debate,

“This post is for Black people”

After this is said, do not reply to any of his or her comments. Stand on your word and only discuss matters with those who understand your oppression.

Peace and Love family,


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