We Are Tired of Being Killed.

By: Amber Wilder

Picture via

I am tired. We are tired. We are tired of being killed, and nine times out of ten the officers responsible do not receive time for it. We are tired of being hashtags. We are tired of body and dash cams videos being released and not one officer being hauled off to jail. We are tired that if by some miracle we are not killed in the street, we die in jail. We are tired of our families suing after we have died and our death be made a mockery. The media claims that it is our fault; we were killed only for our families to receive wrongful death settlements even though we are told that we should give officers a break. Is the fault ours because we are black? Are we supposed to apologize for being melanated? Are we supposed to apologize for the fact that we glisten and glow and our skin complexions are so sought after that millions of people tan to try to achieve the skin color that we naturally have?

It becomes apparent that a lot of people want to be black until it actually matters. These people want the curly hair (the acceptable definition of curly hair), the big lips, the body figure, the skin complexion, but they do not and will not participate in the genocide of our people nor will they stand up for us when it matters. They want to be ‘down’ but do not want to actively help or protect us when needed. There is more to being “black” than just the physical features  we possess and inherit. There is more to us than physical attributes. There is more to us than the few perceive us to be and who they think we are. We are gifted. We are talented. We are intelligent. We are forerunners. We are builders and architects. We are great thinkers and engineers. We are magnificent. We are the definition of lit. When will the police and the government stop trying to kill us? Too many years of oppression, racism, discrimination, and attacks breeds unrest and an uprising. And well, this is not slavery times nor Jim Crow.

In this year alone, 837 people have died from police alone according to killedbypolice.net. Eight hundred and thirty-seven people have been killed by police. That number is rough, because there could be more people killed by police that we do not know about. 837 is only 163 shy of 1,000 people. One thousand people. The year is not over; today’s date is September 20, 2016. 837 souls, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, family, and friends. They are not coming back to this earth because their lives were robbed from them.

I honestly try not to think that all police officers are bad and that they are all out to kill and rip us from our families; however, it is enough of them to warrant suspicion and wonder if the police were even formed to protect us. Granted, there have been videos, pictures, and testimonials from officers and people of the community that there are good police officers. The rotten fruit outweighs the good fruit in this case. For many of us, when we see an officer, we are wary and try to ease our way out of the situation because we do not know where the situation is going to go. There are immediate feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and worry. How can you feel guilty for something that you did not do? How can you feel guilty for nothing? Not a crime was committed. Like many of the men and women that died by police. Not. A. Crime. Was. Committed.

Thank you to those woke individuals, POC and non-POC, who understand that we are fighting for our lives whether the media chooses to disclose that or not.

Here is the link for the total number of people killed by police officers this year (current standing). The site also goes back to 2013 if you are interested. Here is the link for the picture.


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