A Christmas Poem by Rachel Gaston

Christmas is the time of year to celebrate the birth of a king, and be of good cheer, because is what the season brings. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself , to save our life. We sing Christmas carols like “O Holy Night”. We exchange gifts like the three wise men did as offerings to King. It’s a holy holiday, we spend with friends and family, and we sing Christmas carols,we cook, and have  barrels of fun, all the children go to sleep early, in hopes that Santa Claus will come. They go to sleep and have been good all year, and can’t wait to open their gifts. It’s the time of the season when everyone’s spirit gets a lift. (Unless of course they are “Scrooge” or “The Grinch.”) Either way, there are good tales to be told, and good food to eat, and fun times with family and friends! Christmas to be made, that you will cherish till times’ end. Whether you are ice skating, caroling, or sledding down hills, or at the dinner table eating good Christmas meals, the holiday season offers lots of fun thrills! With all the joy Christmas brings, you can’t forget what it truly means! Jesus Christ is the reason for the season! We think about think about him as we celebrate! Have a Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings! 🙂


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