Accept Me as A Refugee

By Romeo Sayon


Although I may look different, I am not a criminal

I am running away form a manmade disaster

Please don’t refuse me, accepted me as a refugee

I had no freaking idea what brought about the war

The only choice I had was to run away from home

All I need from you right now is humanitarianism not hate


I did not travel all the way from home to be hate

I did not travel across sea, ocean, thousands of miles, etc. just to become a criminal

I migrated to this continent, to this country, to this place because I need a home

My home has been partially or severely destroyed by a manmade disaster

I am very must sure there will be nothing left home for me after the war

I am not a media to your society, I am a refugee


It was impossible to get food, that why I came here as a refugee

I will be very happy if you would give my something to eat, instead of hate

Where I came from, everything that produces food has been damage by the war

UN is prevented from supplying food by both sides- do not consider themselves criminals

The country is worse than a famine disaster

I wish for the war to be over and for me to find a home


I never thought of boundaries that separate other countries from my original home

All I wanted was to run away from the frontline and cross boundaries to become a refugee

I did not care about lines that separate countries, all I wanted was to escape the disaster

Not just anywhere but across boundaries where I would find prosperity not hate

I crossed countries to escape those fighters who did not consider themselves criminal

I would have cross border fencing made of barbed wire just to escape my country war


My freedom was not guaranteed where I came from because of the war

Fighters from both sides did not offer any peaceful resolution, so I have to find  new home

I could never achieve happiness because of those in charge, I called them criminal

The only way I could live a better life was to come here and become refugee

All I really need is love from you Europe , not hate

I hope I could never again come face to face with the same disaster


I have been rejected by other countries who did not care about my disaster

Another country put me into a place surrounded by fence, all because of my country war

I have heard some politicians talk bad about me because of hate

I have heard and seem protests requesting that I returned to my extinct home

I wonder why some Europeans do not want me as a refugee

I lost everything in the conflict of my old country but that does not make me a criminal


Europe, World relieve me of my disastrous past, accept me as a refugee.

Give me home, do not give me hate.

I am an escapee of war; I am not a criminal.





















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