Never give up by Lady Capone

Lately I can’t sleep

So much is on my mind

School, music, work…always on the grind

Never even get any me time

Trying to stay focused so that I can shine

I smile and act like it’s all fine

But I want to just scream

I just want to be GREAT & live out my dreams

Since I was a kid Rapping and writing has always been a part of me

I knew it wouldn’t be easy

But no one said it’ll be this hard

Juggling a day to day, gotta stack so you won’t starve

Staying out the way, too many tombstones being carved

Sometimes I lay still as the tear drops hit my cheeks

Praying for bigger, better, brighter success is what I seek

Throughout the pain and the struggle I still have my joy

I still have my vision of victory just like my story board

My dreams seems distant, yet close

Still I have more ambition than most

No matter what obstacles you face, never give up hope


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