Senate Bill #510

By: Amber Wilder

Apparently we are prevented from planting


Gardens of food

Gardens of love

Gardens of abundance

Gardens of life

Our wombs are robbed of life repeatedly –

from chemicals and GMOs and them.

The food that enters our mouths are not of the food

My grandparents ate. That they growed.

Food they fed with nourishment to nourish themselves –

A Family of eleven and twelve, respectively, on one side – the side that claims I.

Smokehouses, hogs, vegetables – seasonal

fruits, and chickens

Food that nourished them; Food that growed them strong and tall

Hearty individuals hearty people hearty family heart.

Baffling that a law can prevent us from doing something that evolution tells us that we do
what is necessary –

We growed food in order to nourish our bodies

We did that – evolution taught us repeatedly that we had to have gardens in order to eat – to supplement what we killed.

We searched our mother’s gardens for nourishment like how she fed us from herself

She continues that task which is now made daunting.

It is hilarious to know that it is against the law to provide for oneself

By simply growing food.



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