don’t invade my space

don’t come at me saying

you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for

because you can’t seem to find the nod you seek

don’t insist on never seeing me before

i have seen you in the corridors

having tea with my demons

and tampering with my good intent

you have seen me in that girl

who gave you that number, labeled “hoe #3”

you have seen me in a passerby glance

followed me to my sanctuary

and slithered your way into my subconscious

don’t forget that you have seen me

in the women you call bitches, the said dykes

who want nothing to do with your boyish charm

don’t tell me why i didn’t get something going with you

dung never seized my interest

never messed around with the unctuous

didn’t like the taste of battery acid

don’t assume my body is not mine

you have no agency over this home

don’t think you can touch me,

handle me

like a rubbery piece of meat, unrefined and vilipend

don’t assume that i will act like it’s christmas eve

and give you a gift for that gracious deed

don’t think you can leave

for you have trespassed,

so now you stay.

i stay

hammering at your bruised masculinity

peeling the layers of your delicate ego

sowing the crimes into your secreted woes

bellowing until you quake, then disinflate,

for your gall was not merely ostentatious,

your deliberateness was malice

and rancid was your soul


By Cynthia Suarez


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