Little You Little Me

Every time I see daises, I cringe.

They were your favorite.

I want to forget

never feel this lump


Why have you stopped being you?

Raspberries don’t taste the same

without you

they go down like shards of glass.

Where has that pure blossom gone?

Come back to me.

I could never overlook you

even among the pungent yellow cottonwood leaves.

I’d replay your shameless giggles, if time would allow it

and mock your baby roars!

Oh, how you gave your family some attitude

you spoiled little kitty cat.

No one will ever wear overalls like you

or smile innocently, the way only you knew.

My mind reruns those mini photo shoots,

when your mom loved

dolling you up in that warm and vintage floral dress.

Giving a show,

charming the camera

with a smile so fervent

and dimples so deep

they could replace Ecuador’s Galápagos lagoon.

You used to enchant me with your way of thinking.

“Never forget the people you love,”

you used to tell me.

How naïve, I used to think you were, but

you were right.

You’re still absolutely right,

because here I am

with this imprint in my soul.



By Cynthia Suarez

(A revised version of a poem I wrote back in high school.)


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