I Don’t Remember: The Universe By Micaela Shambee

I Don’t Remember: The Universe

By: Micaela Shambee


Photo Credit: Gizmodo.com

I don’t remember the swirling of energies,
The hot, dense, single point in time.
The oneness that split into two.
The big bang.
Or Pangea.
Or the forming of the daffodils in the fields of the country side.
I don’t remember the rose that formed the sweet smell of Chanel No.5.
I don’t remember the dirt that formed my grandmother’s grave.
Neither the fights over her possessions, nor the way her children behaved.
The last argument that lead one of my cousins astray.
I don’t remember what broke our family like watches with seconds that stand still,
I don’t even recall taking the morning after pill.
I don’t remember when I fell in love with you,
when one became two,
our first date, or what we ate.
Or the birth of our kids,
One named John, the other Kate
Two from one womb
A boy and a girl
Never thought they would leave us,
and go off into this world.
But wait, just wait…
Can’t remember the future,
When I can’t remember the past.
I don’t remember the creation of the Universe,
I just know our time here ticks away too fast


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