Donald vs Chicago

By: Amber Wilder

donald being an idiot
Retrieved from Donald’s Twitter

According to Donald Trump, if we, as in those that live in Chicago, do not stop the carnage, the Feds will be sent here.

By Feds, does he mean troops or federal dollars to initiate programs to help get the youth off the streets, help prevent the shootings and murders that are so prevalent in the city, and funnel this energy and inactiveness into something constructive?

Or by Feds, does he mean martial law and soldiers, officers, or some figure with a gun posted on street corners.

The funny thing about martial law and/or officers and soldiers with guns is that innocent people will be caught in the crossfire. When you put a gun in the hands of someone that feels as if s/he is the “end all be all” of authoritiveness, bad things happen. And this unprepared individual can serve as one of the youths in the streets as well as an officer or soldier. Imposing martial law punishes those who have nothing to do with the violence that permeates Chicago while seemingly avoiding those that actively participate in criminal activity.

The funny thing about sending federal dollars to help solve this issue is that money has a funny way of disappearing into thin air. Money that is supposed to go to certain programs or benefit a specific group suddenly vanishes and politicians that hold offices develop collective amnesia. So how can we be assured that this money is going to be used appropriately?

Also, the way that Donald continuously attacks the black community leads me to believe that federal dollars will not be entered into this hypothetical solution. Why does he care about a sort of reform for young black men and women when he assuredly spews negative vitriol about minorities. My bet is on the martial law with soldiers posted on the corner of streets scaring young kids by pointing their guns in their faces. These children will be painted as the villain before they even properly know what the word means.


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