Remember that Gran BB?

Remember that Gran BB? by Lady Capone

I remember the sound of cards being shuffled

Fussing and cursing over books made

Money on the table

Gotta be bid whist or spades

Beers being sipped, cigarettes lingering through the air

Dominos pounding the table for points

The aroma of soul food, greens with salt pork & turkey necks, Mac & cheese, corn bread…

Um, um, UM!

You put your heart & soul in it

I remember you cooking chitterlings

Me & little cuz D-Bo hated that smell

“Cousin Grandma in there cooking boo-boo”, she said

The grownups chuckled

We didn’t know any better we were just kids

I still don’t eat that Gran couldn’t pay me to

I remember hearing the echo of the mixer blending the cake batter

Me, licking the bowl after you have emptied my favorite sweet dish

Into the round pan

Pineapple coconut cake was my fave…

I followed behind you like I was your duplicate

House coat and all

Slippers had to be Daniel Green’s that was all you wore

Hand on my hip imitating you

As you hollered to the basement at Unc

He was probably nodding or full off his chosen poison

I remember waiting for you to come home from work late at night

Walking in with your classic white Reebok’s

Anxiously waiting, to tell you about my day

To tell on my uncles and my mother if I had gotten a whooping that day

I knew she would be in big trouble, when you came home Gran BB

You didn’t play about me

I remember the first time I cursed as I explained the pain from the shots the nurse gave me

“Stupid doctor nurse…stupid bast”…

You laughed until your side hurt that time

I remember being sad cus the kids wouldn’t play with me, teasing me & calling me white

I knocked over the plant in Unc’s window as I watched them play that day

That was almost the first time you spanked me

Lucky for me I got away

The only thing that saved me from getting my little but torn up was me speeding off to my room

You said, “She flew by me like a strike of lightning”

Remember that Gran BB?

You laughed until you were in tears

I remember you & Auntie taking me shopping

I use to hide from ya’ll in between the clothes racks

Boy were you mad

Auntie always laughed

You always spoiled me

You were more like a mother to me

You said we were acting silly & you wasn’t coming with us anymore

I guess that’s where I got my shopping habit from huh, Gran?

We use to go to Red Lobsters to eat after we trunked our bags

We often shopped at Lord & Taylor, Carson Pirie Scott & Marshall Fields

I remember you buying me my first pocket book as you called it

It was a Louis Vuitton but I didn’t like purses then

You said a lady never leaves the house without her pocket book

I remember I stayed in trouble with my cousin, up until his murder

I remember hearing you gossip talking to Bern on the phone when I was bad

I remember putting up the Christmas tree & singing Christmas Carol’s

Drinking eggnog

I remember the first time I was able to drive and treat you to Red Lobster’s with me

I was honored

We ate and laughed until you had a cramp in your side and leg

I remembered you loved Popeyes, KFC and gizzards from Harold’s

I remember getting my hair and nails done… just me & you

I could never forget our time together Gran BB… you’re way to important to


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