Taken 4 Granted

Taken 4 Granted by Lady Capone

I try to love you but instead you take me for granted

In a perfect world our love would be enchanted

You scared, well I’m scared too

This up & down cycle is like a song from the blues

You are discomfited to love or to let love in

You say your love is true, but actions speak louder

My heart skips a beat when we are surrounded

By one another…

You’re my best friend, my woe, my lover

You’re my bug, my headache, my Prince Charming

Between our laughs & long talks…

We fight, we laugh, we’re us, we joke

You encourage me & give me hope

We stroke….

Can’t buy love, can’t hide hate

Neither of which can be faked

I scramble my brain…

Should I leave or should I stay?

Your nonexistence causes an absence in my heart

Empty without me, heartless with you

But I’ve been feeling estranged these days

Neglected, feeling numb

A part of me wants to give up, might as well run

Still searching for my happily-ever-after

Or is that only on TV

I know this might sound strange but I wanna be like the girls in the movies

Hash tag relationship goals…under our picts

You say if it’s real it’ll stick

Asking myself constantly, can our love story survive this?

You tell me to teach you how to love

But can that be taught?

If I give up right now, will I really be at fault?

You push me away

At one point in time I might not come back

So you better love me while I’m here before I let it go and never look back



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