Grad school struggles by Lady Capone

Grad School struggles by Lady Capone

juggling student

The struggle is real

Papers, assignments & thesis are due

Promptness is necessary, staying focused gets you through

In grad school C’s are like D’s

A’s & B’s help you to succeed

Education is key…

It’s hard trying juggling work & life

Music & class

Everyone says keeping moving forward… it will fly by so fast

Seems like here say…

It seems time is moving in slow-mo

Struggling trying to stay on path

It’s real easy to be thrown off track


They say it’ll be worth it the in

The things we go through trying to win

I’m so ready for my hard work to pay off

Longest year of my life

As a student we sacrifice life

Trying to do what’s right


Lengthy books, some boring… we are expected to read

It’s not easy trying to succeed

Extended papers we write

& MLA type

& be careful how you work cite

Taking notes

Cramming for exams

So much pressure in the air

Personal problems still exist

But you’re still responsible for that, that & this


Chicago State features some amazing teachers

Our school is not giving the credit it deserves

The government constantly withholds our funds

Students are transferring

Searching for answering

Fighting for a budget in Springfield

Leaving unanswered

Layoffs, budget cuts & school closing rumors are spread

Now days when we mention CSU they look at us like our school is dead

Others don’t respect our struggle, our school, or our staff as we fight for our legacy

We’re educated by the best

Plenty workshops & test

They frown & look down at me when I mention my school name

Still I refused to be ashamed

It’s overwhelming, I must say

Trying to stay an honor student & follow dreams

Refusing to stray

Barely able to sleep, hours at work are a mess

I guess all this comes with the territory to survive & be a success



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