Just wanna be great by Lady Capone

Just wanna be great by Lady Capone

I just wanna be Great!

Survivor… so much one can take

Dreams bigger than life…

Gotta shoot to win in this game of life that rolls like dice

The world got me feeling cold as ice


Family saying I will never amount to anything

Plotting on my demise but look at what I have achieved


Opp’s wishing that I fall

I strive, so that I can be great and succeed throughout it all

I won’t lie I’ve been down more than once


Fall seven times

Get up eight


I feel like I have muscles as I carry these heavy weights


Streets acting out like movies scenes

Shots are fired rigorously

Attending funerals and wakes

trynna to stay out the way

I never thought it would be this hard to be great


Still I try…boy do I try…as I stride

Refuse to have wasted talent, like a bird I’m gone fly…I’m gone fly

I’m gone fly

My dreams & vision will never die

Spreading my wings high

Striving to reach my dreams that’s big as the sky

I have so much buried inside

Cuz of my pride

I refuse to quit, my dreams won’t die

I smile, what good would it do to cry


I would’ve gave up a long time ago, if it wasn’t for my faith

Losing is not an option

Not one of my traits

With all that negativity…Please exit…Dat way


They say I’ve changed…I’m just empowered

While they preying on me


I’m thankful for grace

Success is a lifestyle

I just wanna be GREAT!


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