The Seconds I Kissed You By Micaela Shambee

The Seconds I Kissed You

A moment in time

By: Micaela Shambee


Photo Credit: Tumblr

You in front of me, me in front of you,

arms stretched forth to collide,

energies bursting to embrace

a place where waves and sand subside


Photo Credit:

Insides, a jumbled mix

of fumbled nerves,

Gleaming eyes fixated

on womanly curves


Photo Credit:

Two planetary bodies

destined to align,

atoms forming incandescent liquid rock

where mutual heat radiates inside.


Photo Credit:

“Can I kiss you?”

a question to my core

heart palpitations

How energy soars


Photo Credit:

Reverence to confide

these virgin lips.

their first kiss,

new life formed inside


Photo Credit:

Seconds to minutes

to hours to days,

to memories

of years aged like fermented wine


Photo Credit: Tumblr

the seconds I kissed you

rang longer in my heart

and have lived longer in my mind


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