Random Thoughts of Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands.

Image: ABC. News.hurricane-maria-puerto-rico-2-jt-170921_4x3_992

By: Keisha Thompson

Every week one of my tasks is to write an article about anything I would like to comment on.  Every week I promise I will not write or comment about Trump.  Unfortunately, every other day Trump does and says something  I am usually at odds with.  Perhaps, it is because he is from a wealthy background and I am what he would consider poor.  At the end of each day, does is really matter that we are from different sides of the tracks?  Being President of the United States, it is the responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief to bring the American people together and to support and protect them.  Nowhere in America’s history does it stipulate that only white cultures are allowed to come together (white supremacy groups) and are the only ones who are to be supported and protected.

The situation in Puerto Rico and the American Virgin Islands is a disgrace to all Americans.  The way Trump has handled both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands is equivalent to a mother neglecting to acknowledge and support any of her children. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are a part of the great United States of America? They are both to be protected and supported by the President and citizens of the United States. However, somewhere along the line Trump failed to read the Constitution.

When Houston and Florida were devastated by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, Trump wasted no time informing Congress and the House of Representatives to find the financial aid necessary to help the two states recover. However, when it came to Puerto Rico, Trump’s response was completely indifferent. First, Trump began stating that FEMA is doing a wonderful job on the hurricane ravaged Islands which turned out to be a lie. Then Trump informed Puerto Rico that they have put a deficit in his budget. The following week, Trump informed them that the military, FEMA and all the governmental assistance they were receiving will not be staying there much longer.

With over 80% of Puerto Rico without clean drinking water and electricity, the President is promising to remove aid from Puerto Rico. Trump mentioned that he had met with the President of the Virgin Islands neglecting to comprehend that he himself is also the President. This proves that Trump has no idea of the scope of American territories. Individuals trying to become an American citizen are required to know all, if not most of the American terrorizes.

Associated PressPence_60614-4ec3b

So why is it that the person running for the highest office in the American government is not required to know all American territories are protected by the United States? Where is the outrage? All you Hispanic or Latinos were out shouting and supporting racist Trump, where are the outcries and outrages for your fellow Latinos? Trump has not even mentioned the state of the Virgin Islands. Why are you shouting for justice of them? How can you sit by the way side as your leader kills your fellow brothers and sisters, your mothers and fathers? Or are you so filled with hatred that you are unable to see that it’s just a matter of time before he attempts to do the same to you? Has everyone forgotten that Puerto Ricans are Americans? Are they not entitled to the same rights as the victims of Harvey and Irma? Are they not deserving of the same assistance? Why can’t they have the same benefits as the American victims of the hurricanes? Or are their deaths a consequence of being nonwhite Americans citizens?

Would that really be to far-fetched to imagine? Actually, with Trump as President it is no surprise. Trump has made his feelings about non-white American citizens very clear. Trump has no room for anyone with Hispanic or Latino heritage, with Islamic heritage, and much less for Black people. All of his decisions so far are based on exclusivity. Trump is attempting to create legislation that will exclude all non-white members of society such as the poor, the elderly, and everyone of color regardless of whether or not they were born on US soil.


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