Words By Brandi Shell



Black is spectacular

Took us from our own home

Then they moved us

Two words

United States

Home of the great

Or so they say

In fact, it belonged to the Indians

Three words

By Any Means

Malcolm X filled with steam

Tired of being called a Nigga

Held racism by the trigger

Four words

“I Have a Dream”

By Martin Luther King

“Let Freedom Ring”

Till this day we sing

Five words

Forty acres and a mule

Black power is the rule

Worth more than any jewel

My last word


They done us shady

They raped our ladies

Man, somebody save me

One word


Two words

United States

Three words

By any means

Four words

I have a dream

Five words

Forty acers and a mule

My last word


Man, my words are crazy!!!!




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