Gun Control Laws

Gun control iimage
Image: Washington Monthly.

By: Keisha Thompson

Last week, the Stephen Paddock, shot and killed 58 individuals for no apparent reasons. First of all, extended condolences to all the families and friends of the victims in the Las Vegas massacre; the World mourns for your lost, at this horrific time. Everyone can relate to the pain and horror the families might be feeling at this time, yet there are no words to express the deep sadness the World collectively feels. May the Lord gives each some peace and comfort during this difficult time.

However, this is not the first incident of Americans turning their anger against the American public. In recent years, the America public has had to deal with many individuals whose sole intent was to commit havoc. The American people are all too familiar with the headlines, “49 killed, 58 injured in Orlando Nightclub shooting” (June, 2016), “14 killed 2 injured in California” (December 2015), or Sandy Hook, “12 killed 3 injured”. These are no longer isolated incidents on American soil but a harsh reality of life.

After the incident, it has been discovered that Paddock had an estimated 33 guns. Paddock had at least two semi-automatic weapons, which he then altered to become fully automatic weapon, giving him the ability to kill and injury as many as he can.  The incident has left many to question how is it possible for Paddock to acquire all his weapons? What laws make is it legal for him to possess so many? This incident is rehashing the debate about gun control, about how best to handle the politics of Americans owning guns.

The American public has seen the failure of gun laws. For instance, Chicago has become the murder capital of America, due to its high murder rate which is a result of weak gun laws. Chicago is a war zone, more murders occur in Chicago than in the current war. Criminals in Chicago are not afraid of being caught with weapons. They understand that due to over crowed jail systems and weak laws; it is just a matter of time before they are release and free to continue with their behavior. They are not afraid of the consequences of their actions.

A part of the problem as to why the issue with gun control still lingers is due to republican’s firm belief in the 2nd Amendment – the right to bear arms (like Paddock’s right to own the weapons). The hope is that republican’s now understand what can happen when people are allowed to purchase 33 weapons.  The irrefutable damage one can do in a matter of 10 – 12 minutes.  Between Paddock’s 10 – 12 minutes rampage, he left 58 people dead and over 500 people injured.







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