This Poem is About You Not Me

By Brandi Shell


Look in the mirror

Look at me

What do you see?

Is there some of you in me?

Or is there some of me in you?

Are your eyes the same color as mine?

What about your hair, skin, and mind?

Are we the same?


Who are you?

Do you know?

Well I do,

I’m a dark caramel queen

That loves to dream

I dream about everything

From life to death

But mostly I dream about self

You know the simple things

Goals that I have set

But not yet reached

Things in this world

That I just won’t eat

What book I’m going to read next?

How my next poem will start

Do I really want to go to the park?


You let me get side tracked

I told you this poem was about you not me

Now let’s see

Go back to the beginning

Look in the mirror

Now look at me

What do you see?

Well let me tell you what I see

I see me

WOW!!! I did it again

Got side tracked

Well just face it

This poem was always about me


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