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The 2016 Chicago’s Ultimate Women’s Expo

The Chicago Ultimate Women’s Expo came to Chicago on September 10 2016 and September 11, 2016. It was at the Donald E. Stephen’s Convention Center, Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Keynote speakers were singers Brandy and Monica, Oscar winning actress Mariel Hemingway , Bravo TV star Caroline Manzo, and Brandy’s mother and artist management professional, Sonja Norwood.

Some sponsors of the event were Jewel Osco, WCIU The U, Starbucks Coffee, Bloomingdale’s, Chanel, Estee Lauder, D&G The, Home Depot, Barnes & Nobles Bookstore, and about 17 more more sponsors which included make up and hair artists, masseuse and food retailers, among other businesses and services. The Women’s Expo was a good day for women to come out and shop, relax, get their make up done, get a massage, and learn about beauty tips, health, etc. It’s pretty much an informational and a fair for women. It’s a lot of fun, entertainment, and facts about beauty, health, nutrition, fashion, and anything a woman, wants and needs to know. It’s a fun and informative day for all, and if you didn’t make this one, there is always next year. The tickets to the expo could be purchased online to save 50% of the admission for just $5 per person. This includes all of the speakers, seminars, food, and spa workshops including, hair, nails, and massages. Regular priced admission is $10.00 per person. Also, tickets could be bought at the expo itself and $2.00 discounts were available on the Expo’s website Overall it was a great event and a great day yo be had in Chicago by many women!

By : Rachel Gaston

Natural Hair: Why Aren’t You Accepted? By Tian Taylor





Imagine being told that the natural texture of your hair is accepted only in recreational facilities.  This means you cannot wear your hair in its natural texture to school, work, or any other professional institutions/facilities.  A person who is being told this may respond, “Why?”  Imagine the response is, “Well it is a distraction, not manicured. It’s unattractive and not accepted.” Assume the person with natural hair conforms and says, ” Ok. Well how should I wear my hair?” The response? “Well you’ll wear it normal, manicured, attractive…basically the complete opposite of your natural texture. Now that… is more acceptable.” This is the solution that people of color (globally) are given when their natural texture is displayed in non-recreational facilities.

In  2016, centuries after the abolishment of slavery and decades after the abolishment of discriminatory laws (mainly in the developed countries), the average person would believe that those who reside in developed countries, who often  take pride in their values of amalgamation, would not face this type of issue. Unfortunately, coiled hair (depending on the tightness) is not accepted in certain institutions. For several weeks,  there were  protest in Johannesburg, South Africa, in which black students at an all-girl’s school, Pretoria High school, were protesting against racist policies that prevent them from wearing their hair in its natural texture, as well as policies that even prevent them from speaking  their native language. Just think of the  fact that Africans are fighting to be African in Africa! These girls are unfortunately left with the ultimatum of  attending  ‘creditable” education that offers  he best education, but they have to assimilate to Eurocentric standards or not  assimilate. Unfortunately these  (private schools) schools are the ones that inflict these rules and regulations.

You also have these regulations at institutions right here in the United States.   In corporate America, employees cannot wear their hair at its natural state. The  many corporate policies  often state  that hair cannot have volume, braids, or be a distraction to the work place.   For example, in 2013, a 12-year-old girl named Vanessa Vandyck was told she had to change her hair otherwise she would be expelled for not following the schools’ dress code which stated …hair cannot be a distraction and it has to be its natural color.  In the Dominican Republic, Carolina Contreras opened a salon to cater to Afro-Latinas to embrace their natural hair.  Shortly after, a 16-year girl who came to her for a short hair cut, called her hysterically after stating that she could not enter a privileged high school that she applied for because of her afro.

In addition to these previous examples, there are numerous accounts of people being told that their natural hair is not accepted all over the world. This issue is much deeper than just hair. A lot of women and men wear their coils at its natural state because it not only displays that this person is accepting their natural self, but also appreciating their African ancestry and not hiding it. However, not everyone feels the same.  Natural hair is not only rejected in many areas, but sometimes it is not accepted by ones’ family. The standard of Europeanized beauty has become so globally prominent that some Black mothers or fathers have agreed to not accept natural hair. Or natural hair does not exude a professional appearance.  This is not just an American or South African concern; this is a societal issue in which society does not accept natural hair because society does accept African centered beauty.  There are often times in which it is appropriated, but not accepted. So my question is why do you fear something as minuscule or as simple as a person allowing their hair to grow naturally from their head? What does this represent for you?



Expecting while Expecting


By Keyontai Redding

It’s that moment in their education that every student looks forward to, anticipates, plans, and prays to the gods in hopes of reaching: the last semester of college. During the last semester of school, we usually begin looking for our graduation dress or suit, we practice smiling for our graduation pictures, we come up with a list of people who will be attending our graduation (while praying we receive enough tickets for all attendees),  and then we brag on how the time is near for us and far for others. After the realization that graduation is a real goal is in reach, we begin to get nervous. We understand that it (the goal reaching process) doesn’t stop at graduation, but it begins. We know what we need to be doing and we begin lining up the chips to get it done. We prepare our resumes, we write up our cover letters, we gain our letters of recommendation, we add to our portfolio, and we get ready to begin our career or take a step into grad school. But, what if you are a parent or expecting to be one?

What people expect of YOU vs What you expect of Yourself

This semester (my last semester), I am expecting a child and a degree. My grandmother expects me to take the semester off because she believes that the female stays home to take care of the child. My fiancee expects me to take the semester off because he believes that the male works while the female stays at home to take care of the child. My mom expects me to take the semester off because she feels that I need to relax and prepare for the child. But, I expect to be holding my degree and my child by the end of the semester. Besides,  I’m pretty sure that I am not the only student who is expecting while expecting. I mean, What’s the big deal? All I have to do is add another process (preparing for a child) to THE PROCESS (preparing for  a degree).

Meeting Deadlines and Making Doctors Appointments

We all know that the last semester gives us a chance to either increase our G.P.A or keep it leveled out. We all probably dream about wearing stoles that showcase our hard work and dedication. We all know that this is why it is imperative to stay on top of deadlines. FASFA deadlines, enrollment deadlines, scholarship deadlines, and the graduation application deadlines need to be handled quickly and efficiently. On top of focusing on those deadlines we need to focus on project deadlines, homework assignment deadlines, midterm deadlines, and finals.

Along with all of these deadlines, an expectant parent has to focus on making doctor’s appointments and actually going to them. This semester I made all of my doctor’s appointments begrudgingly.  Having 11 o’clock classes means that I have to schedule doctors appointments for 8 a.m. on class days or try to get them on days that I don’t have class (which is hard but the smarter thing to do).

Finishing the Graduation Application, WIC Application and Childcare Application

The last step we must complete before being able to say that we will be walking across the stage is the graduation application. The graduation application requires us to allow for at least one week to let our advisor review our academic records to confirm our degree requirements. It takes another week to get appropriate signatures from different offices, and pay off any outstanding balances. We then pay our application fee, and we wait on the email that tells us we meet the qualifications for graduation. When expecting, instead of completing  just one application, you may need to complete three.

Along with the graduation application, you may want to fill out an application for WIC. WIC, Women Infant Children, is a federally funded program implemented by the City of Chicago Department of Public Health that provides pregnant, breastfeeding, postpartum women, children and infants with nutrition assistance. You may also want to fill out the childcare application so that you can get some assistance from the State of Illinois to pay for your child care. The state of Illinois used to cover your childcare if you were going to school or working, but because of budget cuts, they only cover your childcare if you are working. So,  unless you have a family member who doesn’t mind watching your child while finishing your degree, then you like me are finishing a degree, working, and preparing for a child. Yes, it’s POSSIBLE!

Taking Graduation Pictures and Maternity Pictures

While waiting on a response from the following applications, you can be doing some fun things too. Picture taking is a girl’s favorite thing to do and I know the fellas enjoy them too, no matter how much they act like they do not.  Taking your own  graduation pictures  and taking maternity pictures could be lots of fun. A photo shoot that allows you to showcase your educational achievements and your humane achievement are two of the most important photos you will take in life.

What makes things Easier

If you, like I,  am expecting while expecting, then here is a checklist to go by to make things easier.

  • Pay Attention to DEADLINES
  • Schedule appointments during times you will be able to MAKE THEM
  • It’s not about what others expect of you, Its what YOU EXPECT of YOU
  • Remember the GOAL IS GRADUATION

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