Robert Johnson

By: Amber Wilder I first heard  mention of Robert Johnson in season two, episode eight, of the television series Supernatural, appropriately titled “Crossroad Blues.”  The focus of the episode is on people that make deals with crossroad demons in pursuit of fame and fortune.  The way the deal works on Supernatural is that a box … More Robert Johnson

Cheeto Jesus

  They call me Cheeto Jesus, and I got my own authority. It is sprayed on every two weeks in the shade, “tangerine beam,” it’s in the way I pout my lips to the skies while these bitches yap. I sit in my fortified castle, on the edge of the golden throne with my minty … More Cheeto Jesus


don’t invade my space don’t come at me saying you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for because you can’t seem to find the nod you seek don’t insist on never seeing me before i have seen you in the corridors having tea with my demons and tampering with my good intent you have seen … More charming

February 16th, 2017

By Cynthia Suarez   The 16th of February. A day without immigrants. Charlotte. Chicago. Detroit. Los Angeles. Minneapolis. New York. Pittsburgh. All major cities that boycotted for the rights and opportunities of thousands of immigrants. Joined by countless citizens, immigrants from all walks of life unite in solidarity during this protest. Dozens of restaurants, grocery … More February 16th, 2017