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Should You Spend Your Money On Ice Mountain Bottled Water?

By: Jeremiah Moore–Contributor, The Drive Student Blog

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“One perspective held by various NGOs—which I would call extreme—is that water should be declared a human right… The other view is that water is a grocery product. And just as every other product, it should have a market value.”
– Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Nestlé’s Former Chief Executive Officer

For those who may not know, Nestlé’s bottled water is sold in every state in America. Although that fact is magnificent, the purpose of my post is not to congratulate this billion dollar corporation. Instead, I want to inform our readers about the tragic mischief behind the world’s largest bottled water company. For the sake of time – and typing – I am going to only delve into the Ice Mountain Bottled Water brand.

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Simply put, Nestlé sucks its bottling locations dry, which includes Michigan. Yes, the same state where there is a water crisis in Flint, Michigan. However, Nestlé has publicly stated that it “has nothing to do” with the crisis. To help fight the problem, Nestlé, the billion dollar company, has partnered with three (3) other companies (Walmart, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola) to donate a whopping 35,000 bottles of water a month to the families affected by the water crisis.

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So let’s do some math real quick (don’t pull out a calculator, I swear I got you on the adding, subtracting, and any carrying of a 1). Ice Mountain Bottled Water will give 35,000 bottles a month, which is 420,000 bottles of water a year. If we use the retail price tag of $0.89 that I just saw on Target’s website, the total cost  is approximately $374,000 for the year. Now if Nestlé only has one billion dollars in the bank (it has a lot more), then it will have about $999,626,000 to re-invest! That amount of money insults my intelligence because the company owns many of the major brands that we consume, such as, Boost, Butterfinger, Coffee Mate, Cat Chow, DiGiorno, Dog Chow, Gerber, Häagen-Dazs, Jack’s Pizza, Kit-Kat, Lean Cuisine, Nesquick, Nescafé, Poland Spring, Purina, Smarties, Stouffer’s, Toll House, Tombstone, and Wonka Taffy to name a few. Nestlé has many other income streams from products that I did not list because I never personally use them. I am no Picasso, but you should see the picture I am trying to paint. The people over at Nestlé are more than wealthy – they are filthy rich and they are killing the less fortunate!

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“Nestlé’s policies are an attack on the citizens of this country who can’t afford to fight for themselves against the inhumanities of greedy corporations.”

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality approved the permit that allows Ice Mountain Bottling Water to increase from pumping 200 gallons of water per minute to 400 gallons per minute out of the natural wells in Michigan. The organization is quoted saying that “we can’t make our decisions based on popular opinion. We make our decision based on what the statute says we have to look at,” which means that although the amount of  pumping is outrageous, it is not against the law. This excessive pumping is deemed to be acceptable because allegedly the amount of water taken from the wells/springs will not harm the environment due to the ability of the Great Lakes to naturally replenish. I don’t buy it!

This issue is not a black, white, purple, or blue person thing. It is a less fortunate person thing. I am sure that a number of people in Michigan have $800 to buy land there, which is the same price Nestlé paid for it. What the average Joe doesn’t have is the ability to debate and slither around laws, so they come up short in this area. Nestlé’s policies are an attack on the citizens of this country who can’t afford to fight for themselves against the inhumanities of greedy corporations. Today, Nestlé is going to be the poster child for all of those corporations. The injustice of cashing in on our natural resources is being mopped up due to the amount of money and power that  this company has and the political sponsorship it can secure.

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Although Nestlé is not breaking the law, I consider their actions inhumane. Many people in Michigan are going through a water crisis, but instead of allowing access to the source of natural water, Nestlé bottles it up and sells it to them. The investment of $2.37 the billion dollar company gives to the City of Evart, Michigan, per 1,000 gallons of water they pump, is a disgrace – but not against the law.

Also, Nestlé claims that its water is sourced and distributed for the Midwest by the Midwest from three (3) major water plants in Michigan: White Pine Springs, Evart Springs, and Sanctuary Springs. This claim is a lie (well just fine print), but you can find the full list on Ice Mountain’s website. The company also gets its water from Pennsylvania, Maine, Colorado, and Tennessee. I have no degree in mapology or geography, but Tennessee is a Southern state, Pennsylvania and Maine are Eastern states, and Colorado is a Western state – not Midwestern. So, not only are the individuals at Ice Mountain promoting false information, but they are getting away with – and getting paid for – turning the world into the Sahara Desert!

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Further, the water is not even 100% pure! The U.S. Food & Drug Administration‘s new adjustments have changed the filtration laws a little. That is for another story though, but if you want to read more on this issue – feel free to click any of the links below. If you want to correct me on anything or have any concerns, leave a comment below or hit me up on social media.

For more information on Ice Mountain, Nestlé, and/or the water crisis in our world, check out:



Nestle USA

Detroit Free Press

The Nature of Cities: Water

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New Hipster Hangout in West Town Serves up Tacos and Pop-Rocks Churros

By: Micaela Shambee–Editor, The Drive

The Gringo-Back Patio Area
60-seat back patio area at The Gringo. Photo Credit: Micaela Shambee, IG: @mickeystyled

–Attention college kids! The Gringo will be your new hangout spot in-between classes, finals, and exams. Run, don’t walk to The Gringo, the new taqueria and beer garden serving up margaritas, tacos, and fun childhood snack-themed churros (remember Pop Rocks and Oops! All Berries anyone?). Taking over the Grandview Tavern space at 1202 W. Grand Avenue, The Gringo boasts a 60-seat private back patio space complete with its own back bar.

The Gringo Patio Bar
The Gringo Patio Bar. Photo Credit: Micaela Shambee, IG: @mickeystyled

Opened last Thursday, June 7th, customers will find a menu with 10 tacos (plus vegetarian options), 3 signature cocktails including a tasty-tangy “Prickly Passion Margarita” and fun dessert options that you may or may not have room to stomach after enjoying scrumptious tacos and boozy Froze.

The Gringo Desserts: Oops! All Berries and Pop Rocks Churros
The Gringo Desserts: Oops! All Berries and Pop Rocks Churros.Photo Credit: Micaela Shambee, IG: @mickeystyled

As the name suggests, The Gringo is putting a spin on the traditional. From the funky decor (A painting of the “Girl With the Pearl Earring” rests on the walls near exposed piping), and Wood benches with a hint of North Side Ivy, The Gringo has “hangout spot” written all over. Take a look at some of the menu options below:

The Gringo, is located at 1202 W. Grand Avenue, open from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday; 11:30 a.m. to midnight on Wednesday and Thursday; 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

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Food Desert Chicago: 65th & Woodlawn and Kumunda Gardens Closing without Warning

By: Micaela Shambee– Editor, The Drive

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–It is no secret that South-siders constantly face the reality of food droughts everyday.  Every corner has the same setup: fast food restaurants on every other block, liquor stores on every other corner, Arab owned “Mom and Pop” grocery stores on every street. Black people who occupy South side neighborhoods constantly face the choice between 3 for $1 bags of chips and $3 salad kits to purchase for themselves and their families.

Which would you choose on a limited budget?

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

With cuts to food stamps and increased taxes such as the infamous “Sugar Tax” and “Bag tax,” South-siders are on the brink of stretching their budgets to the max.

So why would First Presbyterian Church close the 65th & Woodlawn and Kumunda Gardens without warning?


Neighborhoods like Auburn-Gresham, who rely heavily on food pantries and community gardens to supplement their grocery budgets, are being hit on both ends with community gardens facing the ax.

According to the petition to save these Gardens,

“For over a decade, the 65th & Woodlawn and Kumunda Gardens have been a major source of food and a treasured island of shared green space for residents on Chicago’s South Side.

We are stunned to learn that the landowner, First Presbyterian Church, plans to close both gardens immediately. No reason has been given.

The gardens’ closure would be a blow to Southside families, our health, and budgets, and to the hundreds of food pantry clients who depend on the fresh produce we provide weekly. We will have to turn away the teen job skills and food justice programs we host each summer. Non-gardening neighbors will be impacted when these cultivated spaces revert to trash-strewn vacant lots. This would be a heartbreaking waste.”

Photo Credit:

The expansion of stores like Whole Foods and Marino’s opening their doors in the Englewood and Hyde Park areas have been a spark of hope in the food drought currently plaguing south side neighborhoods. Though the arrival of these stores are a sign that the best is yet to come to the south side, it is devastating to learn that community gardens are not valued enough to keep open and available to these already food scarce neighborhoods.

Want to do something about this? Start by signing this petition: Stand for Food Justice. Save Woodlawn’s Gardens!

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A Woman was Stabbed on the CTA Bus: A Word of Caution to Students


By: Micaela Shambee– Editor, The Drive

Photo Credit: ABC 7 News

As a college student riding the CTA everyday to get to classes, hearing about a stabbing attack is extremely unsettling.

“The woman was sitting on the bus when another woman sitting behind her stabbed her in the back of the head, police said.”

Photo Credit: Google Photos

ABC 7 News reported April 1st,

A 30-year-old woman was stabbed while riding a CTA bus on the Magnificent Mile Sunday night, Chicago police said.

The stabbing occurred on the 147 CTA bus at about 10:15 p.m. along Michigan Avenue near Ontario Street, police said.

The woman was sitting on the bus when another woman sitting behind her stabbed her in the back of the head, police said. It’s not clear what she was stabbed with, but police said whatever it was, was inside a glove.

The victim had a minor cut to the back of the head. She was looked at by paramedics at the scene and was not transported to a hospital.”

Everyday while riding the CTA, I see people wearing headphones listening to music, or peering down into their smart phones, either not paying attention to their surroundings or unable to hear anything, as their ears are obstructed by alarmingly loud music.

“It is your duty to make sure that you are safe and alert when riding public transportation. .”

Photo Credit: Chicago Sun Times

This type of attack can happen to anyone, so it is important to be aware of your surroundings.  It is your duty to make sure that you are safe and alert when riding public transportation.  Unlike CTA trains, there are no security guards with dogs checking the bus at every stop, so it is essential that you wait to play your music, and put away your cellphone until you arrive at your destination.

Though the victim was not reported to have been obstructed by any devices, let this attack be a heed of caution: stay aware of your surroundings when traveling on public transportation.

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No Nonsense March for Our Lives Protest Highlights Black Children’s Struggle with Gun Violence

By: Micaela Shambee– Editor, The Drive

Students and young people gather for the "March for Our Lives" rally demanding gun control in Washington
11-year-old student Naomi Wadler of Alexandria, Virginia, speaks as students and gun control advocates hold the “March for Our Lives” event demanding gun control after recent school shootings at a rally in Washington, U.S., March 24, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

–Three hours is all it took for the Parkland Students to get a powerful message across to the world: When it comes to gun violence, Black Lives Matter!

Black students were not used as tokens, or props on stage for their white counterparts to refer to as an aside. Black students voices were up-front and center.

Only recently have Black issues with gun violence been in the media, used as a counter-attack by NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch. But the impressive #MarchForOurLives protest brought an incredibly insightful 11-year-old Black girl to the forefront.

Take a look:

“She stood as a representative of all Black children and spoke, without interruption, of the violence that plagues black girls.”


Naomi Wadler, an 11-year-old Black girl from Alexandria, Virginia, stunned the audience when she spoke of “the African-American girls who don’t make the front page of every national newspaper.” She stood as a representative of all Black children and spoke without interruption of the violence that plagues black girls.

11-year-old student Naomi Wadler of Alexandria, Virginia, speaks as students and gun control advocates hold the “March for Our Lives” event demanding gun control after recent school shootings at a rally in Washington, U.S., March 24, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Wadler goes on to say, “I am here today to represent Courtlin Arrington,” Wadler said, “I am here today to represent Hadiya Pendleton. I am here today to represent Taiyania Thompson, who at just 16 was shot dead in her home here in Washington, DC. I am here today to acknowledge the African-American girls who don’t make the front page of every national newspaper, whose stories don’t lead on the evening news. I represent the African-American women who are victims of gun violence, who are simply statistics instead of vibrant beautiful girls full of potential.”

Though many people expected Black’s issues with gun violence to be ignored, as it has been recently by media and politicians, the #MarchForOurLives protest opted to confront the issues head on.

Know someone Black affected by gun violence? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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Wakanda: Country of Magical Negros

By: Micaela Shambee– Editor, The Drive

Note: There are minor spoilers in this review, but considering the movie reached over 1 billion across the globe, I’m sure you won’t mind. 

Photo Credit:

Imagine a country run by cutting-edge technology. Home to strong, precious metals that you cannot find anywhere. A place where Blacks are celebrated, seen, and are rulers, not ruled.  A beautiful, egalitarian society, where women proudly wear their natural hair, are tech geniuses, and warriors. A negro Utopia.

Black people (around the world) have never seen Black Culture portrayed and celebrated like this.

Photo Credit:

Being an African American women myself, watching the film was like being transported to the country of my ancestral dreams. It was stated in the film, “Wakanda has Vibranium, one of the strongest metals in the world,” and I was filled with pride and wonder. It was as if I was discovering the motherland and its riches for the first time. I thought to myself, Black people (around the world) have never seen Black Culture portrayed and celebrated like this.

However, after further introspection, an interesting realization emerged about the relationship between Africans and African Americans.

It is no secret that Africans and African Americans have a complicated relationship here in the U.S. Immediately upon hearing that Vibranium existed in Wakanda, most African Americans I spoke with about the movie immediately questioned why “Wakandians” would hoard and hide something that could help not only the entire continent of Africa, but could help liberate African Americans across the Atlantic Pond Ocean?

We could not even fathom a “Wakanda.” However, it is important to note that Africans maybe cannot fathom a “Wakanda” either. 

Photo Credit:

One could not help but identify with Killmonger, the US military trained cousin of Black panther, who assails to the throne to avenge his father’s death.  Killmonger’s story is all African Americans story: our ancestors were the slaves brought to America in bondage.  We can not even fathom a “Wakanda.”

However, it is important to note that Africans maybe cannot fathom a “Wakanda” either.

African countries have been war torn, ravished, and characterized by their former colonizers’ tyranny, just as African Americans were stripped of that same culture and identity.  It makes no sense  to compare and contrast our struggles as they are inherently tied to one another.

Photo Credit:

Hopefully, this film will be used as a tool for unity among Black and Brown peoples.  The image of Wakanda should be an inspiration for the future country of magical Negros of our own making.

Did Black Panther live up to its hype? Did you feel the deep divide between Africans and African Americans in the film?  Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

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America Ad Nausea

By: Micaela Shambee– Editor, The Drive

Photo Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (9072556c)United States President Donald J. Trump answers questions from the press after stepping off of Marine One on the South LawnDonald Trump returns to the White House, Washington DC, USA – 24 Sep 2017 LAS VEGAS, NV – JANUARY 18: Adult film actress/director Stormy Daniels appears at the Wicked Pictures booth at the 2017 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 18, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) REX/Shutterstock; Ethan Miller/Getty

Why are we tolerating this, our American sickness?

A President and a Porn-Star are not condemned by the Evangelical Movement.  Our religious leaders, the self-proclaimed Right, these guardians of unborn life, seem un-enflamed, un-enraged… unashamed.

Ashamed of who “they” put into the Land’s highest office– Evangelicals supported Trump by a wide margin and still do a scandal riddled year later (by about 80%.)  Ashamed that their candidate and now “our” President, the supposed paradigm of American virtue, the “Make- America-White-Great-Again” president, is caught paying hush money to his “honey-dip,” a four time Adult Video News (AVN) award winner.  A Hall of Famer even!

Photo Credit: Google Images

Jimmy Swagger. Jim Bakker.  Gary Heart.  Names you do not recognize?  If not, it is because they all fell from Evangelical grace for– in sequential order:  a prostitute, an extra-marital affair with embezzlement to hush-up, and a mistress.  Two tele-evangelists (the Jim-Jimmy’s) and a Presidential Candidate (Mr. Heart.)

“I do not care who my politicians diddle. I only care if they can represent me and mine, all of us diverse Americans.”

Maybe in this era a mega-churches, the Evangelicals have learned forgiveness.  Money, lots and lots of it, from sinners seeking Joel Osteen divine abundance sermons will do that.  Why did Rev. Osteen not open his 16,285 seat capacity Lakewood Church during the Texas Hurricane Harvey?

Maybe as a Liberal I’m being hypocritical.  Because I do not care who my politicians diddle.  I only care if they can represent me and mine, all of us diverse Americans.


Photo Credit: Google Images

America, what has happened?  It’s as if a Kremlin gremlin has climbed into the machine of our psyche.  Or it’s just a mirror reflecting back true morals.  A fun mirror.  As mirrors do, they reflect back ourselves as opposite.  Liberals act as #metoo prudes; Conservatives act as the hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil monkeys… as libertines.

What is happening?


Stay informed, open-minded, and driven.

Meet the Beautiful Women of Wakanda in Essence Magazine

By: Micaela Shambee– Editor, The Drive

_March 2018 Women 2-Watermarked (1).jpg
Essence Magazine March 2018 Photo Credit:

Hopefully by now, you have either seen Black Panther, or are planning to go see it because the movie is ranked as the Best Movie of All Time by movie critiquing site Rotten Tomatoes (with a 97% average to boot), and has grossed over 200 million dollars at the box office.

With the overwhelming success of the movie, one should know that it has an all star cast, both male and female.

However, specifically, the female cast is impeccable.

Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

“Playing a queen was just unattainable, unavailable. Even in a fictitious world, a Black woman cannot be queen.’


Angela Bassett as Ramonda, Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia, Danai Gurira (of Walking Dead fame) as Okoye, and scene stealing Letitia Wright as Shuri, all bring a healthy dose of strong Black Woman to the film, along with their incredible acting chops. In Essence Magazine, they recall how it feels to play their respective characters. Sydney Scott writes, 

“Explaining the importance of such strong Black women in the film, Boseman said, ‘We can have really strong Black women who don’t have to be damsels in distress, who are independent and powerful, who can also fall in love at the same time.’

Bassett, who has an envious career and numerous awards under her belt including a Golden Globe, says that despite the roles she’s had the opportunity to play, royalty is rare. 

‘Just to have the opportunity to portray that, image—me, a little Black girl from the Florida projects,” she told ESSENCE. “Playing a queen was just unattainable, unavailable. Even in a fictitious world, a Black woman cannot be queen.’

She scoffs, “Why can’t I be?”

Photo Credit: The Glow Up

This isn’t our first time seeing these incredible women light up the big and small screens with their talents.

Don’t pretend you did not see What’s Love Got to Do With It or How Stella Got her Groove Back. Angela Bassett has a long string of big and small screen features and a Golden Globe to back it up. Lupita Nyong’o won an Academy award for Best Supporting Actress for 12 Years a Slave, Danai Gurira is known for her outstanding portrayal of  Michonne on The Walking Dead and Letitia Wright can be seen in Black Mirror episode “Black Museum.” (If you have not seen Black Mirror, check it out on Netflix, you will not be dissappointed).

Photo Credit: The Glow Up

If you didn’t know, now you know.

Did you see Black Panther?  What did you think? Does the movie match its ratings? Also check out the March issue of Essence Magazine to learn more about the beautiful women of Wakanda and the amazing actresses behind them!

–And remember,

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What’s Really Wrong with Amy Sherald’s Portrait of Michelle Obama?

By: Micaela Shambee– Editor, The Drive

@AmySherald’s Portrait of former first lady, Michelle Obama.

–It’s been several days since the unveiling of former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s portraits for the Smithsonian, and the reactions to the striking paintings could not be more brutal.

Especially, the reactions to Michelle Obama’s portrait.

Across all social media platforms, opinions of the portrait range from frustrations with Sherald’s use of gray-scale for the skin tone, to the questioning of Sherald’s ability to accurately portray the former first lady, prompting the question:

What is really wrong with the Portrait of Michelle Obama?


After the unveiling of the portrait, Michelle Obama’s reaction to her own immortalized image ironically gives insight to the inherent problems with the portrait.  She states, “I’m also thinking about all the young people, particularly girls and girls of color, who in years ahead will come to this place and they will look up, and they will see an image of someone who looks like them hanging on the wall.”

The irony of this statement is that when black girls look up to the portrait, they will not see an image of themselves, with various shades of brown–but gray–a haunting reminder of the socio-political issues surrounding skin tone in and outside the black community.

“When given the opportunity to render our own image, whether conscious or unconscious, are we choosing to enhance or erase ourselves?”


Critics feel that the grayscale adds insult to injury because the portrait also does not have the former first lady’s striking Black features: her full, high check bones, prominent nose and striking eyes. This leads one to question: when given the opportunity to render our own image, whether conscious or unconscious, are we choosing to enhance or erase ourselves?

Photo Credit: theobamadiary

Former President, Barack Obama said, “Amy, I want to thank you for so spectacularly capturing the grace and beauty and intelligence and charm and hotness of the woman I love,” further prompting critiques of the painting.

Twitter users wrote:

“Michelle Obama said in a speech that she is proud that young girls of color will look at this portrait and say “that could be me”…which is true because it looks nothing like Michelle Obama.” Stevie G.B. (@Steviegeebee). February 13, 2018 (Excerpt from Twitter)

Love the photo, but the portrait of Michelle Obama lacks heart and soul and doesn’t even look like her. Such a shame. jcfred (@jcfclark1). February 14, 2018

“What do you think of Michelle Obama’s official portrait? Please vote and retweet.

06% It looks just like her
16% It sort of looks like her
78% It doesn’t look like her

With more than 70% of voters in the individual tweet above stating that the portrait doesn’t look like the first lady, it’s easy to say that Amy Sherald’s take on the first lady has been discomforting for the general public.

However, maybe, that was the artist’s intention.

Photo Credit: The New York Times

What do you think of the Obama portraits?

Sound off in the comments below and sign up for The Drive newsletter to get updates and more news.

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The State of Trump Affairs


by: Keisha Thompson

On Friday, President Trump said, “NFL owners who see players disrespecting the flag should say, “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, he’s fired.” When will someone tell that “son of a bitch Trump” to get out of the White House, he’s fired? There is not enough time or space on this paper to list the countless disrespectful things Trump has said and done since announcing his intent to seek the presidency. At the onset of his presidential campaign, Trump attacked Mexicans and Muslims by calling them rapists and murderers and he even mocked a disabled reporter. How much more damage will Trump be allowed to commit before he’s removed from office?  Trump has no clue what it takes to be President of the United States.

There are so many things wrong with the statement he made on Friday. Trump has forgotten the foundation on which America was built: on the backs of immigrants with sweat and calluses.  Many have fought and died for African Americans to have the same rights as whites. Whatever laws are used to protect and defend whites should also protect and defend blacks.  However, Trump believes that certain laws are only for certain people. Trump believes he is above the law and that he is untouchable and can do whatever he wants with this country and that belief will be the death of his Presidency.

Trump should also take the time to understand the laws of the government he governs. It’s clear that Trump has no idea what the American Constitution stands for. The Constitution of America ensures that all Americans have the same rights. It did not specify that those rights are only for certain people, but rather for all Americans. It is actually illegal to fire someone for expressing their constitutional rights. Yet, Trump boasts proudly and loudly for the NFL owners to violate the players Constitutional rights by firing them.

A President is someone who should protect and unite citizens. Instead, Trump uses divisive rhetoric to exclude certain people. Trump’s moral compass has been stained by his white privilege. Trump is upset that the NFL players are not standing during the National Anthem (which is their Constitutional right), while being supportive of the rights of white supremacist groups. The idea that a President supports the beliefs of any white supremacy group is despicable.

The main intent of white supremacy groups in America is to exterminate all non-white residents.  How can anyone support the idea that whites are superior to all other races?  That idea is what has this great country in its present state. There are loads of proof of the destruction of America due to the idea that whites are superior. It’s 2017 and America is still trying to find room for all of the immigrants who built this great country – America.

The answer to the question, “Who will tell that son-of-a-bitch Trump he’s fired?” is very simple. It will be Robert Mueller. As the investigation into how big of a part Russia played in the U. S. 2016 Presidential Election continues, Trump is beginning to feel the noose around his neck tighten. In response to this, Trump attacks everyone involved with the investigation, attracting more unwanted attention. The more Trump speaks and questions the process of the investigation, the more he reveals that he in fact knew of Russia’s intent and of the method in which they would interfere with America’s democratic process. The American people should be outraged that a presidential candidate would collude with anyone trying to topple this world revered American institution. Yet Trump participated and won the 2016 Presidential Election.

When will America invoke their Constitutional right and impeach Trump? Trump has proven time and time again that he is a habitual liar and that he is a racist. Trump is attempting to “make America great again” by eradicating all immigrants, people of color, and everyone who supports people of color from America. This is a shame particularly because Trump’s parents were also immigrants.

Each former President of America has attempted to unify the majority of the American people, but Trump has only managed to unify the racists of America and today they make no attempt to hide their faces any more. A decade ago the Ku Klux Klan would have at least covered their faces when committing heinous crimes, but because of Trump’s rhetoric, the members no longer feel the need to cover their faces when committing these crimes.  Everything all of the former Presidents worked for is on the verge of disappearing. All of the rights of the American people are on the verge of vanishing right before their eyes if Trump is not impeached.