The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl review

By: Amber Wilder As someone that has only heard about Awkward Black Girl in passing and never got around to watching it – the book gives an insight into what you’re missing. I primarily watched Youtube to watch music and lyric videos but did not experience the comedic side until later on. I know Issa Rae from … More The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl review

Donald vs Chicago

By: Amber Wilder According to Donald Trump, if we, as in those that live in Chicago, do not stop the carnage, the Feds will be sent here. By Feds, does he mean troops or federal dollars to initiate programs to help get the youth off the streets, help prevent the shootings and murders that are … More Donald vs Chicago

Robert Johnson

By: Amber Wilder I first heard  mention of Robert Johnson in season two, episode eight, of the television series Supernatural, appropriately titled “Crossroad Blues.”  The focus of the episode is on people that make deals with crossroad demons in pursuit of fame and fortune.  The way the deal works on Supernatural is that a box … More Robert Johnson

Taken 4 Granted

Taken 4 Granted by Lady Capone I try to love you but instead you take me for granted In a perfect world our love would be enchanted You scared, well I’m scared too This up & down cycle is like a song from the blues You are discomfited to love or to let love in … More Taken 4 Granted